Good Controversial Essay Topics For 2022  

Writing on a controversial subject has become an important exercise at every level of education. One of the main reasons why controversial topics are often assigned in different classes to help students improve their written communication skills. In fact, controversial essays can be assigned at any level of school. Many students hire a senior essay writer to improve their writing skills.

If you are at the initial stage of writing your controversial essay, free essay writer guide will help you in choosing the best topic to get started. The following topics can easily be transformed into something more generalized or more specific as per the requirements of the assignment. 

  1. Is intelligence determined by genetics? 
  2. Should we have a one-world government? 
  3. Should sexual harassment be a criminal offense?
  4. Should we abolish the death penalty?
  5. Is advertising unethical?
  6. Should junk food be banned in schools? 
  7. Is intelligence determined by genetics?
  8. Why are minority rights important? 
  9. Should students be drug tested at school?
  10. Is marriage an outdated tradition?
  11. The social impact of cult groups
  12. Is Religion the Cause of Most Wars?
  13. Can euthanasia be justified?
  14. Is There a Right to Immigrate?
  15. Morality and Culture: Are ethics culture-dependent?
  16. The pros and cons of Feminism 
  17. Are men and women equal in the workplace?
  18. Should drugs be legalized?
  19. Why do people believe in ghosts?
  20. The pros and cons of feminism
  21. Can euthanasia be justified?
  22. The influences of culture on morality 
  23. Difference between discipline and punishment 
  24. Abuse of drugs to enhance sports performance
  25. Should parents choose their child’s teacher?

Sometimes choosing a great topic can be the most difficult task for students. Our guide will definitely help you in finding a perfect topic for your controversial essay. However, if you have given up on trying to find an impressive topic, it is better to get help from professional essay writer and request for free essays to change your grades for the better. 

Expecting you are at this point ill-defined concerning how to raise an essay without hell you can demand help online and basically tell expert essay writer to “write essay for me” and they will satisfy your time limitation while avoiding artistic burglary.

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